As mentioned before, it turns out I was incorrect about Zool: Magic Beastmaster Legend not having a Pokédex of its very own. It does indeed have one, complete with a full visual listing and basic stats and everything. Actually pretty nifty, I think. Plus, we now know this game boasts something like 170 monsters total, which means it’s certifiably 12% huger than any of its primary colored catch ‘em all competitors. Suck on that, Game Freak.

Oddly, this doesn’t come into your possession until what I’d estimate is about 5 hours into the game- I can’t really say for sure because I was completely stuck for about 8 hours of non-stop dead-end exploration.

I was thankfully able to find some navigational help in the form of a walkthrough series on NicoNico- which, due to Nico being kind of annoying, I’ve since uploaded to Youtube. I can tell you first hand that this series will get you through any eternal stuckness that you might find yourself in, should you choose to give this one a try. Which I kinda recommend doing if you’re into some old-school monster wrangling, honestly.

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